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Nov 28, 2019

Out of a one-car garage Stephen Michutka has managed to turn his woodworking hobby into a legitimate job and also managed to garner a little Instagram-fame with over 40k followers. It’s not hard to see why so many people have taken a liking to the guy cause he’s as humble a dude as you’d ever meet.

We talk about...

Nov 21, 2019


Dann Kriss is a local dude so passionate about tabletop gaming he decided to make his own. We talk about how he got into gaming, his creative process, and even got to play a round in the second half.

Music by Snorlaxxx

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Nov 14, 2019

Happy 92nd birthday to The Jefferson Theatre! What better way to celebrate a building that played a role in massive local government corruption than by having on ousted former Groves council member Cross Coburn to talk about his headline-making fight to keep his seat after his nudes were sent to the media.


Nov 1, 2019

We had a the pleasure of having local 12NewsNow​ anchor and 40 Under 40 "Big Reveal" 2019​ Nominee DeJonique Garrison​ on the show for a live episode of A2Z!

She's uber-confident, has loads of integrity, and we had a great time talking about her path to success and the state of broadcast journalism today.