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Jun 9, 2019

There's nothing like the smell of a good book and few would agree more to that statement than Michael Saar, a librarian. There's also a lot more to being a librarian than stamping books and going "SHHH", a LOT more.  

May 22, 2019

Out now! Heather and Daniel decided to sell all their sh!t and put their lives on hold to go take a hike. A big hike. A 2k+ mile hike. They're doing The Appalachian Trail.

Apr 30, 2019

Evan and Paul of The Gulf Coast Spirits Society have returned and this time we poured up some Scotch! Will Zach spew? Will Aaron drop weirdly accurate medical knowledge about alcohol? Only one way to find out! You can find video of it all on YouTube!

Apr 18, 2019

Chris was just another Southeast Texan working his petrochem job when he met Jason Stowell. The two quickly became fast friends over their love of music and within no time were co-founding Wrong Side of Texas Records, a record label focused solely on printing SETX bands some of that sweet sweet vinyl. Since then he's...

Apr 10, 2019

Don is one interesting character. Outspoken and quite driven, he was a middle school band director by day and gigging with Jerry Lacroix at night. During the middle of all he was writing a ton of songs and an eventual decade jaunt to Nashville nabbed him a hit record. He's been back in town a few years back to his old...